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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


In my last post, I shared how I tend to get distracted with my summer to-do list because I'm browsing blogs, social media, and podcasts. Even though I get distracted from my to-do list, I always learn something new! I hope to use this blog as way to share with other teachers what I learn. I'm sure there will be times that I share something that you already know a lot about, but it will be new to me. And that's okay, maybe you can add what you know in a comment.

So, here's something new to me: Dogfooding. Yes, I typed that correctly, even though my spell check disagrees. Are you familiar with this term? I had never heard of it until I listened to a podcast by Jennifer Gonzalez on The Cult of Pedagogy. Dogfooding is a term companies use to show confidence in their product by actually using their own product. Jennifer describes how teachers can use dogfooding before we present a lesson to our class by actually performing the task ourselves. This would help us to see any changes that need to be made before we present it to our students. I don't know about you, but I really dislike when students, or even worse, parents find mistakes in my lesson or task that I require my students to perform. Dogfooding would eliminate that. Below is the link to the podcast. Check it out!

Dogfooding: How Often Do You Do Your Own Assignments?


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